Santa Rosa Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning


Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa, California

All diesel engines in or after 2007 are equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). A DPF is an emissions device in the exhaust system that captures unburnt fuel (soot) before exiting the vehicle’s tailpipe into the atmosphere. California Air Resource Board also require that all diesel engines 1996-2007 be retrofitted with a DPF. Like your truck’s air filter, a diesel particulate filter in Santa Rosa must be regularly serviced/maintenanced in order to preserve the life of the costly DPF, avoid unnecessary wear on other exhaust and engine components, and preserve the performance of your engine and exhaust. Not maintaining a DPF will result in warning lights, engine derate conditions, or a costly replacement of the DPF itself.

What We Do

We offer a diesel particulate filter cleaning service in Santa Rosa that is quick, effective, and affordable. Whether a customer wants to drop their truck off or just the DPF off their truck we can perform a full cleaning service overnight. Our cleaning equipment is the latest technology in DPF cleaning. Our equipment is not limited to size or configuration.

Our Process

  • Our process starts with a pre-inspection of the DPF and related components to identify any obvious contaminants.
  • Next we check the pre-cleaning flow rate and weight of the DPF giving us an idea of the current conditions of the exhaust system.
  • The DPF is then blown out using high compressed air to release any loose material from the filter, and baked in a regeneration oven for a 12 hour period.
  • The DPF is blown out again to ensure all loose soot and ash is removed from the filter.
  • Finally we perform a post-cleaning flow rate and weight check. These numbers ultimately tell us if the filter is in proper working condition and its remaining lifetime.
  • In addition to the service as a precaution we clean the truck’s diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to increase the performance of the aftertreatment system.

Our experienced staff will help you and would provide the best possible service for diesel particulate filter cleaning services in Santa Rosa. Call us at 707-586-6691!

Get Your Truck Back On
The Road ASAP!

Our cleaning method and experience allows us to form a cleaning schedule for our customers and maintain a proper working truck. Our cleaning equipment allows us to clean not only truck DPF’s but also tractor, reefer, and generator DPF’s.

Quick Tips

In order to limit downtime and avoid tow bills or trips to the dealer it is important to properly maintain your tuck’s aftertreatment system. Cleaning the DPF and DOC is essential to the lifespan of the costly exhaust system. This service allows you to avoid future headache and unnecessary repair bills.